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Vetreria Artigiana is specialized in artisan production of antique mirrors and artistic crystal and glass artistic windows. All the products are characterized by the careful craftsmanship executed with the ancient techniques: each item becomes absolutely unique and deeply characteristic.

The company does specialized manufacturing process on crystal and mirrors such as silver plating, chamfering, decoration and engraving.

Do you want to put a personal touch on a glass engraving a drawing, a phrase or a logo? Contact Vetreria Artigiana, one of the most known and esteemed artisanal glassmaking company in the Venetian area!

Thanks to the perfect combination of ancient techniques and modern technologies, Vetreria Dal Bo’ Aldo e Figli will be able to customise your crystal and glass objects according to your needs.

Glass-engravings can be artistic for both internal and external windows and wall windows decoration or can be an original way to personalise shop’s windows.


Sanding is a process that makes opaque some parts of the glass by applying a high pressure jet of sand. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to create on glass lots of customised logos, drawings and phrases, following the shades and depths required by the customers.


Chamfering is a delicate process that provides particular bevels on glass and crystal in order to give them great value.

In the early years, chamfering was realised with specific stone masses with different grains for each different process. Today, modern machineries have been designed for straight chamfering and are controlled by qualified professionals. For customised shape it is instead still required the ability of expert craftsmen who realise handmade masterpieces.


There are different glass engravings depending on the technique that is used: the simplest are those obtained with the acidic paste, usually more superficial and homogeneous, whereas more sophisticated and deep one are realised using a diamond bit or grinding wheels of various sizes and diameters. Compared to other techniques, this last one leads to elegant and high effect results in shorter time without having to wait for the drying of colours or stucco.

Vetreria Artigiana Dal Bo’ Aldo e Figli is specialized in processing glass materials, both transparent and non-transparent (according to customers’ choice), and provides a full service of glass decoration and glass engraving working on the customer’s drawing or on its project. The result is a real piece of art.

Vetreria Artigiana works with different types of glass-engravings, such as acid etching and diamond milling machine. The company operates in the Treviso and surrounding areas and realises glass engravings on artistic windows – classical floral decoration or other decoration on customer’s request – and in addition does customization works with logos and writing for shop windows.

Today, glass engraving is manufactured using modern machinery, PC controlled, supervised by highly qualified technicians. It is possible to engrave drawings, phrases, logos and many more, upon approval of  the company technician first.

Company’s craftsmen are at your disposal for a specialized consultation and a free quote.


Milling is the process of elimination of roughness on glass edges in order to make the edge not sharp and well-finished.

This process is done with computer numerical control machines or, when it is not possible, it is manually operated by using ancient techniques handed down over time.

Milling may be applied also to coloured glasses in order to avoid excessive thermal shock.

Vetreria Artigiana offers different possibilities of milling according to the requested process:

  • round polished thread: for a rounded and shiny edge;
  • flat polished thread: for a shiny edge cut on 45°
  • rough thread: for an opaque edge with more roughness
  • chamfering: glass edges are grind for 10-40 mm in high with an angle of 7° in relation to glass surface.


Drilling are realised with small diamond bits using high-precision machineries. These CNC (computer numerical control) machines are supervised by specialized technicians with the help of monitors. Technicians attend many specialization courses in order to be always up-to-date.

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